Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Madison - One of the Cleanest Cities in Wisconsin" http://ping.fm/CpoJT
"America's small businesses are the key" http://bit.ly/uIy1b
"Layoffs Allow Small Firms to Attract Big-Company Refugees" http://bit.ly/xzfdn
"Comcast Begins Deploying Wireless Data Network" http://bit.ly/z5Zxo
"Road to recovery: How to plan to succeed" http://bit.ly/adfm2
"Entrepreneurs with No Time for Social Media Are Out of Excuses as of Today" http://bit.ly/qFFF
"Is a home-based business your ticket to wealth and happiness?" http://bit.ly/tK9d2
"Smart small business tips for success" http://bit.ly/DXhaK
"Coffeehouses offer welcome break for those who work at home" http://bit.ly/pCdJr
"Using Social Networks to Drive Traffic" http://bit.ly/eVMTo
"How To Write 10 Articles A Day" http://bit.ly/CcJB9
"Better Business Bureau warns against Michael Jackson memorabilia scams" http://ping.fm/8JBGl
"Virtual Assistants Are Changing The Traditional Marketplace" http://bit.ly/eFshV
"Great Lakes Wolves Returning To Endangered List" http://ping.fm/TOrNJ
"A guide for small business web design" http://bit.ly/nPaB9
"Year-Round Tax Tips for Small Business Owners" http://bit.ly/9UCbZ

Monday, June 29, 2009

"6 Tips for Starting a Business After Age 50" http://bit.ly/EU98V
"Why your small business needs a Facebook Page" http://bit.ly/17TDMx
"Business : The Hidden Dangers Of Leaving Corporate Life" http://bit.ly/Gp25B
"The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) Announces its 2009-2010 Board of Directors" http://bit.ly/sw2kY
"Why Are You Doing Everything Yourself?" http://bit.ly/iY02D A great article about using a virtual assistant!
"Small businesses connect with customers on Facebook, Twitter" http://bit.ly/FcbHI

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Small companies need holistic midyear checkups" http://bit.ly/28cTA0

Friday, June 26, 2009

Create IVAACast's mascot contest. Entries due 8 July 2009. Read the current issue of IVAACast 4 more details! http://bit.ly/4ZyQE
(Madison, Wisconsin) Rhythm & Booms is tomorrow! Rain-out date is Sunday. It will be a blast - no pun intended =) http://bit.ly/dnbgZ
"Strategies: It might be time to get serious about a server" http://bit.ly/91p8i
"Easy Ways to Green Your Small-Business Communications" http://bit.ly/EVYup
"All this Social Stuff, Where do I start?" http://bit.ly/rGKLk
"Achieve Leverage For Your Home Business By Outsourcing" http://bit.ly/jp25F
"Changes to SBA 504 Loan Program Will Allow Businesses to Refinance Existing Debt, Expand, Create New Jobs" http://bit.ly/Xxbbw
"Microsoft Discloses Windows 7 Pricing" http://bit.ly/2ZzXa

Friday, June 19, 2009

Virtual Assistants: Subscribe 2 IVAACast, official publication of the International Virtual Assistants Association. It's free & informative!
"Common Virtual Assistant Misconceptions" http://ping.fm/Ylu0Y
"Learn how to spot a home business scam" http://ping.fm/GjeLL
"Windows 7 rumored for October release" http://ping.fm/Z6yuH
"A Credit Squeeze for Small Business Owners" http://ping.fm/djv6B
"Wisconsin unemployment drops in May" http://ping.fm/tFoxv

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Changes to SBA Loans Provides Help to Small Businesses" http://ping.fm/dghEK
(NC) "Chamber relocates small business development center" http://ping.fm/ljwAP
"First look: iPhone OS 3.0 is better for business, but IT won't be satisfied" http://ping.fm/Z1JTr
"Virtual Assistant Should Have Head In The Cloud" http://ping.fm/DtW8f
"Don’t Do It Yourself, Hire a Clone" http://ping.fm/I5Qmq
"A Legitimate Home Based Business" http://ping.fm/RVVXL
"7 Ways Virtual Professionals Can Profit from the Social Media Boom in 2009" http://ping.fm/aenSQ
"Let’s Talk About Getting Virtual Workers" http://ping.fm/EBFfk
"Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Mac Downloads" http://ping.fm/I15g0
"Rising cost of child care leads more women to work from home" http://ping.fm/8pY0m
"Homeland Security Drill in Southeastern Wisconsin" http://ping.fm/Comoy
"A-z Guide: The Best Ways To Work With A Virtual Assistant" http://ping.fm/LP1tU Go Karen! =)
"IBM announces US-only software support" http://ping.fm/AxiG2
Spoke at Jeannine Clontz's Elite VA Insider teleseminar last night. Topic: Finding Clients. It was a success. Thank you for your time, ladies!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

(WI) "Entrepreneurial spirit fuels growth for agile small businesses" http://ping.fm/UgDnS
Grab your Facebook vanity URL before your name is taken! Log into Facebook, then go to www. facebook .com / username (remove spaces).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a beautiful day here in Madison, Wisconsin. Delegate to your virtual assistant and get out there and enjoy it!
(Madison, WI) "Summer must be here!" http://ping.fm/TJuDm
"The Value of Outsourcing in Real Estate Investing" http://ping.fm/TINaE
"Is a Virtual Assistant a Luxury in a Recession?" http://ping.fm/9Zdbh
"Electronic Waste Bill Passes Wisconsin Senate" http://ping.fm/f3taY
"Getting government grants to start your small business" http://ping.fm/HEvES
"Home-based Internet business - today's hot new trend" http://ping.fm/fRpYK
"Apple’s iPhone Security Gets Better, But Still Not BlackBerry Strong" http://ping.fm/4G7AO
(DE) "Legislation would save small business thousands of dollars" http://ping.fm/7zQ7i
"In recession, sometimes best price is no price" http://ping.fm/IsEOQ
Here's another story where the term "virtual assistant" is being used ... http://ping.fm/oYr6M Wonder what VA industry thinks of this?
"Wisconsin budget outlook still grim" http://ping.fm/z3IWy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Virtual Assistance from Virtual Assistants!" http://ping.fm/SQdfc
"Hard times a work-at-home boon?" http://ping.fm/XPwJO
"Four cheap resources to jump-start your small business" http://ping.fm/kijsR
"Business Beat: Midwest high-speed rail plan appears on track" http://ping.fm/hdYuK
(Wisconsin) "Lake Delton back in business a year after going dry" http://ping.fm/pyJnu

Monday, June 8, 2009

On the flip side ... "Recovery Act Money for Small Business" http://ping.fm/spGqj
"Tax Crackdown Will Cost Small Business" http://ping.fm/ZcURY
(FL) "Small business pushes credit card reform" http://ping.fm/n4jxM
"Vista-To-Windows 7 Free Upgrades Start June 26" http://ping.fm/g9RXX
"Many lawyers are using technology to save time, money during the current downturn" http://ping.fm/amevi
"Cantor tells agents Congress should be ‘helping small business’" http://ping.fm/hQGaT
"This recession isn't being kind to fledgling entrepreneurs" http://ping.fm/k2AIl
"Ways for small businesses to retain top performers" http://ping.fm/rUPSy
"Current customers are the key to growth" http://ping.fm/5aAgX
"Small business lenders afraid to trust the SBA" http://ping.fm/2pg2v
"Earning Multiple Incomes Online Pros & Cons" http://ping.fm/ahBoc
"Stretch Your Budget: Hire a Virtual Assistant and Take Advantage of Social Networks" http://ping.fm/1Bm3M

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A virtual assistant is THE perfect office support partner for busy executives, philanthropists & celebrities. http://ping.fm/XCp7U
"Small Business IQ: How to research your next big step" http://ping.fm/CV8dw
"If All Doctors Had More Time to Listen" http://ping.fm/BswO7
"Money Saving Tips for Your Home Business" http://ping.fm/N1fEF
(NJ) "Small-business owners may qualify for interest-free loans" http://ping.fm/gaBcm
(CA) "Business boot camp set" http://ping.fm/XzDgB
"Putting soul into your business plan" http://ping.fm/yPff9
(AR) "At-Home Business Start-Ups Increase Amid Recession" http://ping.fm/taeb0
"Home Based Internet Business 'The Jay Kubassek Story'" http://ping.fm/PKMWB
"Why It Pays to Have a Virtual Assistant Who Will Update Your Website" http://ping.fm/jaF3s
"Some Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do For You" http://ping.fm/G2sqw
"Work at Home and Make Big Money? Let the Wise Be Wary" http://ping.fm/XTlDn
"Best Buy Memo on Windows 7 Outlines Upgrade Pricing" http://ping.fm/gzIRh
"What is the Right Home Business for You?" http://ping.fm/AmzhI

Friday, June 5, 2009

"10 awesome Twitter tricks" http://ping.fm/jgNDA
"AT&T Webinar to Offer Tips on Building and Growing a Small Business" http://ping.fm/FsKTS
"Finding a loan in a recession" http://ping.fm/f0iHI
"Hire A Virtual Assistant See Your Business Grow!" http://ping.fm/d3wXO
(UK) "Search for pioneering home businesses" http://ping.fm/UH6b6
(CT) "When A Small Business Fails, The Owner May Not Be Eligible For Unemployment" http://ping.fm/c7vG5
"Boost Your Business With Virtual Assistance" http://ping.fm/syPDb
"Heat things up business-wise this summer" http://ping.fm/fONfL
"Don't get taken in by work-from-home scams" http://ping.fm/nJ9eJ
"Making Money With Your Blog" http://ping.fm/lcJds
"Outsourcing Oddities: Beyond Virtual Assistants" http://ping.fm/YOfYx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Social Media and Small Business Getting Acquainted Slowly" http://ping.fm/Wh7gu
"What we see when watching others depends on the purity of our minds and the window through which we look." - author unknown
"Hire A Virtual Assistant For Effective Online Marketing Campaign" http://ping.fm/x1tP0
"Steps To Write an Effective Press Release" http://ping.fm/73ERP

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Make Your Conference Attendance Productive" Utilize your virtual assistant! http://ping.fm/cFFBT
(NJBIZ) "Report: Overall pace of job losses slows, but small-business cuts on rise" http://ping.fm/O2pjc
(The Business Journal of Milwaukee) "AT&T bundle targets small businesses" http://ping.fm/zB9jw
"How Are You Treating Your Affiliates? ... hire a virtual assistant to help." http://ping.fm/PhNM2
"The 6 Golden rules for lead generation: Where is your credibility?" http://ping.fm/kaBDS
"Small Businesses Take Tentative Steps Toward Online Networking" http://ping.fm/dJps6
Meet Stacy Huber, the International Virtual Assistant Association's Volunteer of the Month http://ping.fm/gGo2G
(IVAACast, May 2009) "[Certified Real Estate Support Specialist] CRESS - A Closer Look" http://ping.fm/04ZqO
(OfficialWire) "Twitter Working Hard Against SPAMmers" http://ping.fm/qgnxZ
Can you say, "Yummy?" "Easy Vegetable and Rice Soup" Thanks 4 sharing, Colleen! http://ping.fm/ZNXAk
"How to create a favicon for your website" http://ping.fm/fWlap
"Artistic home business ideas (Day 1): Getting started as a desktop publisher" http://ping.fm/wAjzo
"15 Home Business Ideas that Thrive During Recession" http://ping.fm/XdamR
"The Single Biggest Waste of Time" http://ping.fm/sOKb3
"SBA chief: Lending up, long road ahead" http://ping.fm/1lRso
"Health Insurers Balk at Some Changes" http://ping.fm/8FcPy
"Do You Know Your ‘Why’ For Publishing An Ezine?" http://ping.fm/teR5C
"Missouri small-business owners looking for a little cash now can apply for help from the state" http://ping.fm/dMysU
"Prepare For The Facebook Vanity URL Landrush" http://ping.fm/wIhOj

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Join me on Jeannine's Elite VA Insiders - 17 June @ 7pm Eastern. I'll be talking about Finding & Keeping Clients! http://ping.fm/V6Z8R
(London) "Why It Pays To Have A Virtual Assistant ..." http://ping.fm/tvi5t
Great post about utilizing a VA: http://ping.fm/XaHia
"Minority Business Enterprise certification attracts government jobs" http://ping.fm/zqRww
"Social Networking - Inexpensive Exposure to Millions" http://ping.fm/IakYC
"Do You Need To Move Before Operating Your Home Business?" http://ping.fm/Sz4pU
Let's clear the air, folks. A virtual assistant is a business entity providing services on a contractual basis, not a voice recognition system! http://ping.fm/kPWeI
"Missouri Small Business Loan Program guidelines available" http://ping.fm/3JqEG

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Stretching the Marketing Budget: Social Networking" http://ping.fm/MWs6b
For news on the Virtual Assistant Industry, advanced technology, and doing business without geographic limitations, follow @IVAACast on Twitter!
The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) Virtual Coffee Break Networking Chat starts @ 4:30pm Eastern today! Open 2 public. http://ping.fm/EzUMb
Great blog post I found: "Motivational Monday: Don’t Quit" http://ping.fm/tjdQd
"Virtual desktop services gain TCO boost with HP clients, Desktone cloud-based 'DaaS' advances" http://ping.fm/WKLNb
E-book for virtual assistants: "How to Establish Your Fees" http://ping.fm/fJc7c
E-book: How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant http://ping.fm/hriIC
10 June 2009 - Presentation: Why join the International Virtual Assistants Association? http://ping.fm/uye7a
IVAA Virtual Coffee Break Networking Chat Today! Open to the public. http://ping.fm/yLOAq
"News on the Virtual Assistant Industry, advanced technology, and doing business without geographic limitations" http://ping.fm/AInVi
"A Virtual Assistant How To" http://ping.fm/cB386
"Help on the Way for Entrepreneurs through New Legislation" http://ping.fm/b0Eps
"Assistance for Entrepreneurs 'Do It Yourself' Marketing Month" http://ping.fm/aXMvl
"Why People Fail to Make Money Online: How to Achieve Internet Home Business Success" http://ping.fm/5Au2N
Are you a virtual assistant or aspire to be one? Be sure to follow @IVAA_org and @IVAACast on Twitter!
Designers community: Virtual Assistant Wanted: http://ping.fm/8AL3M
"Ask an Expert: How to boost your business on the cheap" http://ping.fm/IEuno
(Massachusetts) "Bill seeks insurance option for firms" http://ping.fm/Iu6GT
"SBA Recognizes Best Lenders to Small Business" http://ping.fm/Qq64x
"Virtual Assistance Business Briefs: Winning an Ethical Battle" http://ping.fm/gYOwU
"IVAA Virtual Coffee Klatsch (FREE OPEN EVENT)" http://ping.fm/oNjXj
"How to Find an Online Home Business Opportunity That Works Best for You" http://ping.fm/n0uR5
"What Is A Personal Virtual Assistant With Virtual Assistant Services?" http://ping.fm/Vz2ci
"Hot Summer Seminar Series: Informative and Affordable ... learn how to succeed as a virtual assistant" http://ping.fm/vzpfK
"The Value of a VA [Virtual Assistant]. ..." http://ping.fm/3oGf4
"Going It Alone: Home-Based Businesses Can Pay Off" http://ping.fm/bnkMs
Via Jeannine Clontz: How to Attract & Find Clients - ENJOY! http://ping.fm/dgnBc