Friday, July 31, 2009

"Do You Still Think Twitter Is Stupid?"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"7 New Rules for Small-Business Growth"
"How virtual lawyers are weathering the recession" (Interesting ...)
"With Yahoo search gone, content becomes king"
"Writing for Radio: Three Ways to Freelance for Radio"
"Will 'Thin Clients' Replace Office PCs?"
"Facebook erroneously sucking in Twitter updates"
"Wisconsin bans California loan modification firm"
"Business stakes space on new concept"
"Benefits of Virtual Assistants (VA)"
"Report: Spam and malware at all-time highs"
"Keeping Your Photo Out of Facebook Ads"
"Microsoft going after Google's home turf"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Madison the eighth-best start-up city"
"Promote Your Business With Online Video"
"Cyber Criminals 'Launching Twitter Attacks'"
"Pigs Fly As Facebook And Google Work Together On An Android App"
"Ways to brand your company"
"Twitter's sleek new homepage puts a focus on search"
"Media Guru Peter Shankman’s Work-From-Home Tips"
"Get a Small Business Makeover"
"Update Your Facebook Status Via SMS"
"New Enterprise Teaches Home Based Business Success"
"Killing Email: How and Why I Ditched My Inbox"
"Twitter warns TwitViewer users of security risk"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Home-based business means making some adjustments"
"Interview With Work at Home Expert – Kelly McCausey" (She loves her virtual assistant!)
"34 Ways to Use YouTube for Business"
"5 Easy Social Media Wins for Your Small Business"
"When it comes to finding freelance work, practice makes perfect"
"Are You Committing These 4 Common Site Errors?"
"Twitter Gets Serious About Helping Businesses Understand."
"Niche social sites seek growth under Facebook's shadow"
"Social-media skills become crucial for job hunters"
"New Facebook Fans or Old Facebook Friends"
"Are you financially able to be a WAHM [Work at Home Mom]?"
"Barack Obama's tweet suggests Twittering your Congress member on healthcare reform"
"The Google-Microsoft battle is changing the software model — and the way people work — very quickly."
"10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Revolutionize Your Business"
"Communicating With Your Virtual Assistant: New technologies make it easier than ever"
"Tips for More Efficient Collaboration"
"Smart SEO And Your Virtual Assistant"
"White House Blocks Twitter, and With Good Reason" (You decide ...)
"IVAA Selects AssistU As Preferred Educational Partner; Suggests Professional Education is Key to Success ..."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Happiness Happens When You Do What You Love Best" (Great little article by Debbie Lynn Butler)
"Benefits of Outsourcing to a Social Media Virtual Assistant"
"5 Wonderful Coffee Shops in Madison, Wisconsin"
"Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant Makes Good Business" [Great article, Taryn!]
"Choosing a Business Credit Card"
"Increased minimum fine debated in Wisconsin 'No Call' legislation"
"Twitter to revamp home page for the masses"
"Twitter launches business guide, search widget"
"Google Voice Now Available to Non-Grand Central Users" [Great post, Pam!]
"CNBC's Top States For Business 2009—And The Winner Is ..."
"Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Easily"
"Virtual Assistants Are Changing The Workplace"
"Special Report 4 Elevating Marketing and Media Success Offered For Home Based Business and Work At Home Professionals"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"RingCentral Office Revolutionizes the Business Phone System ..."
"Small business owners advised to check on tax deductions, insurance"

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Spain's Talgo Gets High Speed Train Order From Wisconsin"
[Great Britain] "Unique Stories Of Small Business Success"
"Online Home Business: 6 Common Web Site Traffic Generation Strategies"
"7 Essential Tips to keep your Online Business booming" (Article about using a virtual assistant.)
"Vietnam Veterans Day to be established in Wisconsin"
"Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashes into a house in Wisconsin"
"Productivity Habits"
"7 Most Popular Twitter Search Apps"
[Madison, Wisconsin] "Organization formed to combat global warming"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Home-based businesses can have pitfalls"
IVAA's 4th Annual Online Summit - 6 November 2009 - REGISTER TODAY!
"Business groups band together on reform"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"5 social media tips for small business"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

[WI] "New business council identifies its focus"
"UW-Madison expands agreement with Google"
"Congress Passes Bill Enhancing Small Business Innovation and Research"
"How To Save Thousands Of Dollars On PR And Marketing By Using Social Media"
"Growing our economy through small businesses"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

""LIVE! with Regis and Kelly" Inspires 12,000 Virtual Assistants to Don High Heels for March of Dimes"
"Get The Most Out Of Your Ezine"
Don't cut corners; shave time with a virtual assistant. We are real people who are really here to assist you. Contact me 4 details!
"U.S. Chamber Shows True Colors in Opposing Small Business Bill, According to the American Small Business League"
"'Virtual Assistants' in Higher Demand" [Mentions the IVAA]
"Important professionals for your small business"
"How to Successfully Market Your Website and Attract Hot Prospects"
"AT&T to provide GPS location app for small business"
"NetQuote Offers More Help for Small Business Owners"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Fellow virtual assistants, Carla & Caroline, R walking 190 miles across England 2 raise $ 4 cancer research
2 virtual assistants walk 190 miles across England 2 raise $$ 4 cancer research.
The Virtual Assistant - Coach Connection
"Promote Your Business With Online Video"
"Twitter becoming a tool for scams, [Better Business Bureau] says"

Monday, July 6, 2009

"America's 100 fastest growing small public companies"
"The ABCs of Raising Money" for a start-up company
"Dept. of Revenue: Wisconsin Economic Outlook released"
"Bright spots seen for Wisconsin air travelers"
"Social Network Marketing Meets Small Business"
"With 2010 dead ahead, the race for Wisconsin [Governor] heats up"
"Entrepreneurs: Boost Productivity With the Help of a Virtual Assistant"
"The 10 top myths about starting a business"
"Finding Your Way through the Forest of Small Business Phone Systems"
"Twitter Suspending Accounts in Droves"
"Recession can't stop entrepreneurial spirit"
"Three of the Most Common Search Engine Optimization Mistakes to Avoid"
"Even shy people can network like pros"
Two virtual assistants are walking 190 miles across England 2 raise $$ 4 cancer research. Follow their journey here:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"How To Benefit From Virtual Assistants (100 Ways!)"
"IVAA Virtual Coffee Break Networking Chat"
"Unchain Yourself From Your Desk – Top 10 Mobile 'Go Anywhere' Businesses"
"If you're in business, take this vital step"
"10 lessons learned for business success"

Friday, July 3, 2009

"Planning to work from home? Here’s how to find your way"
"How to Build a Small-Business Web Site: Nuts and Bolts"
"Working from Home: The Essential Questions your Broadband Provider May Rather Ignore"
"7 deadly sins of business development"
"Second Life Data Offers Window Into How Trends Spread" (Interesting article)
"A better way to create jobs"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Corporate Job to Working at Home"
"Three steps to environmental and financial savings for small business"
" Announces 2009's Top Five Home Businesses for Moms"
"A Business Disaster Can Destroy Your Small Business"
"VIDEO: Get lots of retweets and transform your small business with Twitter"
"Small-Business Network Security 101"
"Getting small biz contracts to small businesses"
"Moms In Business Unite to award grant"
"Microsoft to push IE 8 to more business users in August"
"Find Small-Business-Friendly Service Providers on PartnerUp"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Virtual Assistant Can Be the Driving Force Of A Strong Business"
"5 ways to increase website traffic"
"Gaining Competitive Edge Through Social Media"
"Internet, e-mail cuts big into post office business"
"Wisconsin stars in Public Enemies"
"Small-business owners 'backbone of the economy'"
"Are We Becoming Less Entrepreneurial?"
"Make your relationship part of your business plan"
"Big apps for small business"
"FAQ: Making sense of Windows 7 upgrade options"
"Does A Freelancer Need A Resume?"
"What Tasks Should You Assign Your Virtual Assistant"